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The HR Business Partner is the most critical role and job in modern Human Resources.

Who can be employed as the HRBP?

Becoming a true business partner is a long journey. We have been on the journey for years, but we are just a half way through. Why?


Choosing the right job is essential for a good living. The first job usually sets the professional career. Most people do want to change their career path, but they have the previous experience in the field (and the new employer is usually willing to pay just the experience gained).

Working in HR offers the opportunity to become the universal business soldier. A good HR Manager can manage almost any business function. The skills and competencies gained are universal. Think of career in Human Resources.

You know that the job market changes. The talented employees are not loyal; they can accept the job offer proposed by your direct competitor. You have to be quicker than your competitors.

You have to innovate your recruitment process, procedures and habits. You have to trust to people. You have to hire the best talents.

How you can innovate the recruitment process? How you can be successful on the job market?

Lean HR Processes are a key to make the HR Organization simpler, faster and cheaper. The top management requires HR to become smaller, because the entire organization has to cut costs.

However, HR is always poor in the design of processes. The lean processes are even harder to set. We think about controls, signatures, responsibilities. We do not think about simple processes.


It happens. You invest a lot of your time to develop the great HR Strategy. You are really proud of the proposal. You are enthusiastic. You inspire all your colleagues. Your strategy gets approved.

However, you made several mistakes, which are slowly killing your new HR Strategy. You have no check with reality. You do not understand the business priorities, but you believe that the approval of the top management is sufficient.

You have no clear implementation plan for the new strategy. Everyone in the HR team works on something, but no visible results are delivered. You create a lot of chaos in the organization.

The most killing mistake - you have no clue about costs of the implementation.

Just read the full article.

Today, the most innovative companies are the most desired companies. Investors love them; employees love them; customers love their products. Each leader has a dream to enter the club of most admired companies. However, they do not change the corporate culture.

HR has to push the company hard to change the corporate culture. Innovations are a must today. The employees have to accept risks. The managers have to approve risky innovations. The company has to learn to introduce the testing of innovations.

Why is it so important? Read here.

Innovations are the strongest source of innovations today. However, most organizations have processes and procedures, which kill all innovative ideas. The forced distribution is one of the most successful killers.

HR should make a proper evaluation of the performance management system. All items, which are not supporting the corporate culture, should be eliminated.

Why? Because the company can become competitive.

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